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Signal Group – Home of Cisco Routers, Switches & More

Your one stop shop for all things Cisco: Routers, Switches and more. As a leading provider of Cisco products, we ship to all parts of Australia, catering to your specific needs, from enterprise to industrial. Our primary focus is sourcing Cisco products at an affordable and efficient rate. We specialise in developing key relationships with the supplier and you, the customer to provide solutions and ongoing support.

For the lowest cost Cisco products on the continent, turn to Signal Group one of the best Cisco Suppliers in Australia.

Signal Group carries all the Cisco technology you need, whether you’re just starting a new business or have technology infrastructure needs at an industrial scale. Routers and switches keep your phone calls, emails, and online traffic flowing smoothly in all directions, while firewalls protect you from hackers and anyone targeting your networks and data with malicious intentions.


At Signal Group, we assure you of the best prices, products, and support.

Signal Group commits itself to sourcing the Cisco products you need efficiently but also affordably. When you consult them about your needs, expect them to promptly identify particular technology solutions and then find the actual equipment and hardware you need. Soon enough, you’ll have the products you need at the prices you prefer.

Dealing with Signal Group means you’re partnering up with a firm that specialises in connecting critical Cisco suppliers with clients such as yourself, but these bridges are more than just about selling things. Signal Group doesn’t just emphasise great prices and products, but also tremendous support.

Your needs will be treated seriously when you first need options and answers, but Signal Group will continue caring for your business with ongoing support once you’re already a customer. Trust them to help you keep your Cisco technology running efficiently and effectively for years to come, with a constant eye towards future upgrades and enhancements.

This business delivers Cisco technology and answers to every corner of the continent, so all of your locations and offices can rely on them for service and solutions. Signal Group-Cisco Reseller|Cisco Supplier Australia is your one and only shop for the Cisco technology your business needs to run reputably and effectively.